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Countdown to the Premiere of Abuela

The story of Abuela is told through the eyes of “José”, her grandson. His innocent recounting of their journey emphasizes the tragic loses they have faced over the years. But where there was once hopelessness, there is now hope.

Join us on #GivingTuesday as we premiere “Abuela”.

Abuela's Journey

In 2020, Abuela and José came to Camino. After years of incredible hardship, opportunities were sparse. Their hope was wearing thin, and so was Abuela’s health. But at Camino, that’s exactly what they found: health, hope, and opportunity. 

Follow this page to hear more about Abuela’s incredible journey, the resiliency she showed, and the ways in which Camino helped her. More importantly, learn how YOU can help more families in crisis, like Abuela’s, this #GivingTuesday.


Camino's Role

Abuela looking at Jose

Camino has provided numerous services for this family. Services such as therapy, primary care
clinic services, provided transportation, consistently provide food pantry services, enrolled them in peer support program, enrolled them in social navigation services that connected them with outside immigration lawyer services and other programs on a one on one base, Camino has provided financial assistance in the form of rent payments, and allowance to buy necessary home items, Camino has also paid all dues for external services.

Camino has really defined the value of crossing borders with this family by assisting in ways that we normally don’t. Financial assistance is not a program we’re specifically funded for, however, we have assisted this family financially since they arrived. Transportation is also not something we normally would assist with but with this family we have gone above and beyond, social navigator has taken them to every important meeting, every school enrollment visit, every Health Department visit etc. Volunteers have picked them up for haircuts and park visits multiple times a month!

Where is Abuela now?

This family is doing so great now! They have realized their own resiliency and are now thriving to overcome more and more. Grandmother has overcome a lot of anxiety and stress, being more confident as a person. She’s learning to independently confront and push through obstacles. She is working towards employment and obtaining legal custody of her grandson and a visa. The real gift is seeing how much the grandson has thrived.

He is now in Pre-K and is doing amazing! His teacher updates the grandmother and SN weekly with his progress and he has never received anything lower than an excellent review. He’s been described as a pleasure to have in class, he follows all the rules and routines and plays so nicely with his peers.

The change in this family’s life is so noticeable. They were frail, and struggled daily to just get through the day. Since Camino’s involvement in their lives, they are confident and happy. Ready to take on what’s next because they know they have the support of Camino’s Staff.

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Here at Camino, we aim to provide people with the tools, resources, and opportunities to live a healthy, hopeful, and productive life. We do this through a medical clinic, a behavioral health clinic, a health and wellness program, and a food pantry. Your generous donations are used to help provide these services to our community, and to families in crisis, just like Abuela’s. To learn more about our services, read more below.

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"Thanks to Camino,

I was able to receive a proper

diagnosis and care

for my cancer; Camino was

right by my side

through my entire journey

and made sure I was never alone."

Flor Vázquez

Camino Clinic Patient

"As a single mother of two,

I was struggling to feed my

children on my own.

With the help of Camino, I now recieve 

food to help feed my family; I 

no longer worry about

my children going hungry."


Food Farmacy Recepient

"When I was diagnosed with diabetes,

I struggled to learn more

about my disease and how

to manage it.

With help from the amazing

staff at Camino, I've worked

hard to manage my

diabetes, so I can live

a long, healthy life."


Camino Vida Patient