Camino Vida is a health and wellness center with a focus on fitness and nutrition. Our programs aim to enhance community well-being by improving knowledge, quality of life, and habits. We address the prevention and management of chronic diseases that include diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and cardiovascular issues. Our tailored approach considers individual needs, including lifestyle, culture, and language, to promote healthier living.

Una alimentación sana empieza por una cocina sana

Una alimentación sana empieza por una cocina sana

Descubre cómo una cocina sana puede transformar tu vida y prevenir enfermedades.Read More »

Vida Sana

Do you want to change your lifestyle, optimize your eating habits or effectively manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure or high cholesterol? With Sana you will learn how to incorporate balanced eating habits into your daily life.

Vida Fit

Have you ever felt uncomfortable going to a regular gym, want a 101 workout or want to change your lifestyle? Take your fitness to the next level with a staff that truly cares and a community that encourages you to be your best.

Take control of your health by building muscle, strength, and endurance.
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Eat well by finding a nutritional plan individualized for you. You don't have to loose your culture to find your health.
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Camino Vida is a program focused on empowering patients to live healthy lives. Our focus is to ensure that everyone enrolled in the program develops nutritional habits and patterns of exercise that will promote not just seasons of wellbeing, but lives of wellbeing.

For more information about Vida or about the Clinic membership, give us a call today.

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"[Camino Vida] helped me personally to love myself, learn how to eat healthy, be a better person, and pass on these things to my children and loved ones"
"When there are people and there are organizations like Camino, that support you and give you this information and this advice, they help you to refocus your mind, to do positive things for yourself. It has personally helped me and that I think has restored my mental health."